Changing the Colors of the Course Guide Banner


You can customize the banner colors of the printed course guides to match your clubs colors. The banner color can be customized overall for the guide and on a pr. course basis. Changing the banner color might also automatically change the color of the Course Name shown in the banner from white to black if the banner color is bright.

The default color of the banner is Ingenium Golfs default dark blue - #163739

How To

To change the color of the banner:

  1. Open [Course Guides] in the main menu of Course Manager
  2. Select the guide you want to change from your list
  3. Click [Edit] under "Edit Basic Information" to open the settings of the guide
  4. Locate the "Banner Style" header
  5. Base Style is your option to change the banner for all pages in the guide at the same time
    • Select [Default] to use the Ingenium Golf Dark Blue
    • Select [Custom] to get a color picker to set a custom color
  6. Hole Pages defines the color you want on all pages related to a course/hole
    • Select [Base] to use the same color as defined in Base Style
    • Select [Course Colors] to use the color fined under "Color" in the Courses selection
  7. Remember to click [Save] to save any changes


Use "Banner Style" to customize the color of the printed guides banner

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