Step 4 - Track the remaining course elements

You are now ready to GPS track the missing elements on the course. 

  1. Download the INGO Course Manager app on you smartphone.
  2. Log in with you INGO CM user.
  3. Press the "Course Tracker"-button
  4. Select the Course you want to add elements to
  5. Click "Select Hole" to select the hole you want to track an element on. Note that you only need to track each element once, so if for instance a bunker is in play on two holes, you can assign it to both holes later to save time.
  6. Click "Select Type" to select the type of element you want to track, i.e. a Single Tree, For-Green or Water (stream).
  7. Press the "Start"-button to start tracking. The frame of the map will turn green while tracking and your track will show up on the map.
  8. If the element you are tracking:
    • is a single point (i.e. a tree or tee marker), stand still at the location for a few seconds.
    • is a line (i.e. hazard markings or a forest line), walk or drive from one end to another.
    • is an area (i.e. a lake or a forest group), walk or drive around the perimeter.
  9. Press the stop button to stop tracking the element and it is automatically saved.

Repeat 6-9 until you have done everything on a single hole.

Repeat 4-5 until you have done all holes on all courses.


If you are interrupted during tracking of a line or area you can press the "Pause" button to momentarily step away from the track. When you are ready to resume tracking, click the "Resume" button to start off where you left. You cannot close the app and then resume later, but i.e. making a phone call is ok, as long as the app stays open.


Note that GPS tracking requires a GPS signal, which can take up to a few minutes to get when you open the tracker. If you have a signal, the track will show up on the map after clicking "Start". On iOS it will show a green line along your route and on Android it will show green dots for each GPS point.

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