Step 6 - Add your sponsors

The next step is to add you sponsors to the platform. Sponsors are added as club-sponsors, so they can be used in multiple places at the same time and you also have the option to add a sponsor that you only use i.e. once a year. To add your sponsors to your club:

  1. Select Sponsors from the top level menu.
  2. Click the "+ New Sponsor"-button to add your sponsors.
  3. On the "Edit Sponsor"-page you set:
  4. Name of the sponsor.
  5. Link to the sponsors homepage (or any link the sponsor wants - this link is used in the digital course guide).
  6. The logo, which can be anything from just a logo to a large image with sponsor promotion (as long as it is a PNG or JPG)
  7. Save the sponsor to return to the "Sponsors"-page and add the rest of your sponsors

All your club's sponsors are available as sponsors in you course guides. You can create Sponsor Setups to make it easy to change sponsors from guide to guide and event to event. A sponsor setup defines how which sponsors are shown on the holes of the course it is added to.

We have already created a "default" setup for all your courses, which you can add sponsors to and rename if you would like. You can also create your own Sponsor Setups for e.g. a company day.

  1. Select the Sponsor Setup you want to edit or create a new on for a course with the "+"-button
  2. On the Sponsor Setup page you can edit the name of the Sponsor Setup.
  3. To add a sponsor to a spot in the course guide you find the hole to which you want to add the sponsor and add it as one of the following:
  4. Full Page Sponsor, which takes up a full page before the page of the hole, and is suited for large images with sponsor promotion
  5. Bottom Sponsor, which is shown on the hole pages in the course guides. There is room for two Bottom Sponsors, one to the left and one to the right. If you only add one, it will center on the page.

Remember to click "Save" when you have added your sponsors.


You are now ready for Step 7 and choosing the content of your course guide.

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