Step 3 - Add course, tee and hole info

In this step you fill in information regarding the course.

  1. On the "Home"-page select the course you want to add info to.
  2. On that course's page click "Edit Course".
  3. Now you can edit these fields:
    • Course name.
    • Course description, which is shown in the course guide before the holes of the course.
  4. Click the "Save"-button to return to the course's page.
  5. Now make sure that Tees are named and colored as you want them. If they are not, click the tee you want to change.
    • On the Tee's page you can edit the name of the tee (only two characters are allowed to accomodate hectometer names) and the color.
  6. When done with the course and tee info click through all the holes of that course and fill in the info of the hole:
    • Par.
    • Hcp.
    • Tee Distances.
    • Pro Guideline, which has a character limit of 150 characters to make sure it fits in the printed course guide.

Remember to click the "Save"-button when you are done editing anything.

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