Step 5 - Fine tune the course elements

When all elements on the holes have been tracked, you are ready to fine tune the drawing on your computer.

  1. Navigate to a hole's page.
  2. Check the drawing of the hole, to see if anythings looks out of place or is missing, and click "Edit drawing" if you need to change anything.
  3. This opens the Editing Interface, where you can re-shape, add and remove elements and icons on the course. See our FAQ on the Editing Interface for more info on how to get stuff done.
  4. When done editing, you can also add you Pin Position chart by clicking "Edit pin position chart" on the hole's page. The chart supports up to 6 pin-zones named 1-6 or a-f. See our FAQ on How to Add a Pin Position Chart for more info

Go through this process for all holes on your courses.


You are now ready to go to step 6 and add you sponsors.

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