Step 8 - Add distance markers (printet guides)

Now you are ready to create the distance markers you want in the course guide. Distance markers are specific to the selected course guide, so what you create in one guide will not effect another. To set distance markers on a hole:

  1. Scroll down on the course guide page to find the hole you want to add markers to.
  2. Click on the element you want to add the marker to, and buttons will appear in the corners of that holes box. With these buttons you can add distance markers to:
    • The front of the element.
    • The back of the element.
  3. And you can do this:
    • From the tees to the element.
    • From the element to the green.
    • Or both of the above.
  4. And the marker can be placed:
    • To the left of the hole
    • To the right of the hole
  5. Go through 2-4 for all holes to get the guide ready for print.


You are now ready to go to step 9 and publish your course guide!

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