Step 7 - Choose contents of your course guide

The next step is to create your first course guide. You can create any number of course guides that you need, so you can make one for e.g. beginners, one for pros and one for events.

  1. Select "Course Guides" in the top menu, to go to an overview of your Course Guides.
  2. Click the "+ New"-button to create a new guide and fill in the name of the guide and click "Save". The name is shown on the frontpage of the guide, next to your club's name.
  3. You are now taken to the "Edit Guide" page of your new course guide, where you control the overall content of your guide.
    • "Basic Information" is where you select the content pages you want in your guide. Here you can enable or disable anything from your Welcome Text to the Pin Position Charts.
    • "Courses" is where you select which Courses and Sponsor Setups you want in the guide. You can add several courses to one guide and re-arrange them with the small arrow next to the number that appears in the selected Course's box.
      • Add a Course to the guide by selecting any number of tees on the course you want to add (only the selected tees will be present in the guide).
      • Below the tees you can select which Sponsor Setup you want to use - if you don't select anything, no sponsors will be shown.
    • The bottom part of the page is a list of elements you can show in the guide. The easiest way to get started is to click "Select All" on all groups except from "Tech" - but you can select the elements individually if there are specific elements you do not want to show.
  4. Click the "Save"-button at the bottom of the page.


You are now ready to go to step 8 and Add Distance Markers to Your Course Guide.

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