GLFR Mapping - Elements

GLFR Mapping - Elements

To start mapping you need to choose an element. If you need to map a bunker, you choose the element “Bunker” in the “Hazards” Tracking Group and press “Start”.


Make sure to physically stand on the startpoint of your bunker, when you start tracking in the App. Then walk around the bunker and when you get back to your start point, press “Finish” in the App.


Be aware that the elements are divided in 3 different mapping types: Point, Line and Polygon. Each type needs to be mapped differently:



As the word indicates, you will need to map this as a single point. An example could be a tree. You need to stand beside the tree when you are selecting the element, press “Add” and then the tree is mapped and your App is synchronised.



When mapping a line you will need a start- and stop point. An example could be a water stream. Physically you need to stand at the start point of the water stream, when selecting the element, then press “Start”. When you are at the end of the water stream (your stop point), press “Finish”.



A polygon needs to end where it started. You use a polygon to map greens, fairways, bunkers, forest, etc.

To map a polygon you need to physically stand at the start point of the element, then walk all the way around it, and when you reach your start point, press “Finish”.

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